Community History

Founded over 30 years ago, by Maggie Phipps along with a small group of dedicated housewives who volunteered their time, Community Caring and Sharing began providing food and clothing assistance in 1983 to those in the Indianapolis community of Mars Hill. Over the years, with support from the volunteers, donations, and our partners, CCS continues providing food and clothing assistance .For many years CCS would operate out of small facilities such as, church basements, rental storage units, even a small converted house. In Early 2000, a caring Indianapolis business man, Mr. Elden Palmer, generously donated a former school building located at 2830 S. Holt Road. After the initial renovation was complete, CCS was able to move its operations in late 2002. With continual improvements and maintenance regularly, we thank everyone who has made it possible

Local Community Center

We’re local: We’re not a national organization, We’re much more of a grass roots organization, and many of our staff members live in the neighborhoods we’re trying to help, and some of those we’ve helped have become staff members themselves. Our offices are in the same buildings we use to serve our neighbors; and any time we are open, we encourage you to come visit and see the work we do.

Committed and Dedicated

We are committed to the values, goals, and actions, which help grow and improve our lives, families and community. Community Caring and Sharing is  dedicated to  helping build stronger, while maintaining and improving the communities through education, positive action and involvement. With Everyone. “Together we can Make a Difference”

501c3 Non Profit Charity

We’re official: IRS Approved tax-exempt charitable organization. Improving and Helping families, individuals and the Mars Hill, Indianapolis Communities for over 30 years. Incorporated and Approved Non profit in 1987

Efficient Operations

We’re efficient: We DON’T have lot of overhead or administrative layers, no fancy desks or equipment and  much of our Staff are Volunteers.


We’re respected: Several of the largest in the Indianapolis area have chosen to partner with us to break the cycle of poverty. And many other non-profits have chosen to work alongside us. National organizations have studied and advised us, and national media have reported on us.  We are a Accredited Charity, and we adhere to all  standards for charitable accountability.

We work closely with many other agencies, businesses, schools, civic groups, Clubs and churches in the Mars Hill/Decatur/Wayne Township Areas to create a user-friendly, private, and effective referral system. If we cannot directly service a client with our programs, we will quickly and carefully refer them to the appropriate external resource.