Community Caring and Sharing INC

Community Caring and Sharing Center provides more than more than 30,000 people annually with efficient and effective community services and programs.  We help families and individuals become more self-sufficient and obtain better paying jobs with stronger communities and cleaner safer neighborhoods.

Certified 501-c3 Non-Profit, Charity, Community Center and weekly Food Pantry Servicing the Neighborhood Community of Mars Hill, Indianapolis - Wayne and Decatur Townships and surrounding.

 Here We Believe no one in our communities should go hungry, especially our children and seniors. We put a emphasis on helping Single Parents and Mothers, Our Seniors, the Disabled, Homeless and our vets.

The Mission

Our mission is to reach out and help those in need with community services and educational programs by partnering with local government agencies,schools, businesses and churches along with community members and leaders


“Together we can make a difference.”




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