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Palmer Family 


Palmer Family

Eldon Palmer, owner of the Palmer Trucks, Inc., is humbled and honored to support Community Caring and Sharing.  In 1971, Kenworth of Indianapolis moved to Southwest Indianapolis and entered into the trucking industry by selling Heavy Duty Trucks.  Many years ago he met Maggie Phillips and he recognized her commitment to helping others. It was her story, and her heart that inspired Mr. Palmer, and later the Palmer Family, to support the Community Caring and Sharing organization.

Mr. Palmer’s philosophy is that, “while there are great needs around the world, it starts in your backyard in your neighborhood.”  That commitment and desire to help others has greatly increased over the years.

In 2001, the property adjacent to the Indianapolis location was acquired. With the property acquisition came a different type of opportunity. An abandoned school building was remodeled and donated to the group, and was converted to a facility to Community Caring and Sharing for a food pantry and education center.

Mr. Palmer’s generosity has never faltered. The entire family, including employees and vendors, has participated and supported the group’s efforts to help the community.  These efforts include: various fundraisers, toy drives, the Annual Golf Outing and its raffle, help support CC&S.

Currently Jacob Nichols, grandson of Mr. Palmer, represents the Palmer Family and Palmer Trucks organization on the Community Board. For many years Palmer Trucks has supported this small but powerful agent of change in the neighborhood. Together, we look forward to assisting those in need and not stopping until that need is fulfilled.

Mars Hill, Indianapolis
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