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Founded 30 years ago, by Maggie Phipps along with a small group of dedicated housewives who volunteered their time, Community Caring and Sharing began providing food and clothing assistance to those in the Indianapolis community of Mars Hill. Over the years with support from, the volunteers, you’r donations, and our partners, CCS continues providing food and clothing assistance, in addition to several community educational programs, including our reading class and GED preparation course.For many years CCS would operate out of small facilities such as, church basements, rental storage units, even a small converted residence. In Early 2000, a caring Indianapolis business man, Mr. Elden Palmer, generously donated a former school building located at 2830 S. Holt Road in the Mars Hill area. After the initial renovation was complete, CCS was able to move its operations in late 2002. With continual improvements and maintenance regularly, we thank everyone who has made it possible



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Mars Hill, Indianapolis
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