Socks, Shoes & underwear.

Socks are vital to those who are homeless and out on the streets, but clean underwear is another choice that people often overlook. From kid to adults in all sizes, this is a great choice for donating. Most locations will tell you tube socks, boxer shorts for men and traditional brief style panties for women are the most versatile. And, please purchase these items new for donation, not used!

People take undergarments for granted– until you don’t have any or they’re uncomfortable!

Clean Out Your Closets and Share

There’s a good chance that you have plenty of items in your closet that you’ll never wear again. Whether it’s clothes that you’ve outgrown or items that you just don’t wear anymore, the very items that are causing clutter in your closet could be put to good use by a nonprofit organization. Some donations are offered for sale in thrift stores operated by nonprofits while others are given to needy individuals and families in the community for their own personal use

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