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Town established by Abraham Miller.

Included town of Indianapolis

Wayne Township. Native.

Southwest of Indianapolis, Mars Hill is an older, working class neighborhood with residential living mixed with heavy industry. Located on the near southwest side of the city center,

Mars Hill industrial suburb is founded by a group of Indianapolis businessmen calling themselves the Greater Indianapolis Industrial Association. Their plan is to make the farming community an industrial suburb that would rival Gary, Indiana. The group planned to sell 8,000 lots to raise the funds to move out-of-state factories to the site and to pay for city utilities. Lots were sold for $400 each.

Originally intended as a planned community, Mars Hill lies north of the Buffer Park golf course and functions as a working-class neighborhood. The nearby rock quarry and gravel pits dwarf the small community, which rests about 7 miles to the southwest of Indianapolis. Conveniently located, it lies only 8 miles from the Indianapolis International Airport and 6 miles from the Speedway.

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With Troy ave, Dividing Wayne and Decatur Schools and Townships. The “actual neighborhood of Mars Hill” is smaller and more toward Holt Rd., We can call it the heart or downtown of our neighborhood. Mars Hill is Designed around Heavy Industry. with Massive industrial plants and complexes nearby. Easy Access and Connections via road and rail within 1-15mins. to downtown and the Airport, Sam Jones Express Way, Kentucky Ave.(SR 67) 465 and 70. Stout Field Military Base is on the corner.

Some Say “Low Income”. We Always say its been a frugal blue-collar working-class neighborhood, where small modest homes were constructed for immigrants and blue-collar workers. The homes were immediately adjacent to factories and shops in which the residents worked. This frugality is still evident in the small size and simple design of the homes. Immigrants from Appalachia, many from Germany, Italy, and Eastern Europe settled in the area many years ago. The density, affordability, and proximity to employment and transportation continue to attract new immigrants and blue collar workers from all over.

Here the conditions and area are promising, but still need major assistance and improvement.

The Residents are beginning to care about their neighborhood again and show it. They are looking for an anchor in rough  times. They’re looking for something they can control and change.


In the upcoming but still depressed neighborhood of Mars Hill, residents say drugs and property crime are a constant concern. Residents of  Mars Hill tend to live in older, single-family homes. Some houses are well-maintained; many are not. Abandoned or unkempt properties are common.Some are well-kept, down to precisely placed decorations on the front door. Others have yards strewn with trash, old furniture and children’s toys. Overgrown and Trashy Alleyways. The potholes are so bad that driving is a jarring, rim-rattling experience. Very Few Sidewalks, Street Lights or covered bus stops.

Improvement is sought with city help to clean up. City says the responsibility is the property owners.
Caring Community members, leaders and Business owners in and  around Mars Hill area are frustrated with all sides.
residents and business are angry with Indianapolis politicians who promised and have not delivered.

with a reputation for violent crimes, Robberies, and Murder, along with heavy drugs,  even though theft and vandalism are the most common.

“It is disheartening. It really is, “I grew up here in Mars Hill. And, the drugs have really taken this neighborhood over. I think that’s really showing an effect on the crime rate,violence and petty theft, but also contributing to murder.”

The numbers show it.

it’s all a sign of a bigger problem facing this neighborhood.

Crime rate in Mars Hill is above the national average.

We Agree it’s time for the community to step up.

“I wish that the good people of the neighborhood would get together.

BUT STILL, most people in the neighborhood are nice. “If you need emergency assistance and they see it, you’r neighbors are the first ones there,” with citizens of this neighborhood who continue to care.

For those hit closest by the violence , the statistics are especially painful reminders of heartbreak. That includes friends and co-workers of Harry Briggs, a gas station clerk who was found murdered in June at Joe’s Junction Phillips 66 on the city’s southwest side. There have been Several Armed Robberies of Gas Stations in and within the radius on all sides that resulted in violence and death recently

Despite the struggles of Mars Hill and other areas in the city,

Those problems are being addressed, 


Infrastructure Improvement – Resurfacing Roads, Repairing Adding Sidewalks , Fixing Drainage Issues and demolishing abandoned buildings. Adding Street Lights, Parks, Covered Bus Stops. Etc

There has been Several pedestrians within 2 years that have been killed after being struck by a vehicle. Due to lack of Sidewalks, Street Lights, Crossings, Speed Enforcement.

Mars Hill is Declared a Car Reliant Community and gets low rankings on walk score,  public transportation and safety ratings.

A Few Years Ago Mars Hill Was Hit With Record Major Flooding after heavy spring rains. and parts then declared flood zones.


Mars Hill residents are angry with Indianapolis politicians who promised sewer and street improvements eleven years ago and have not delivered.

Mars Hill is the only area in Decatur/Wayne Township that shows signs of major positive suburban revitalization. It is primarily an established single-family residential neighborhood with more than a few vacant lots.

2018 Neighborhood population grows. We Begin to see Positive Change with the help of Community, Leaders,  Government Officials, Politicians, Businesses, Churches, Non-Profits, Charities, and schools

Remember it takes all of us. “Together We Can Make a Difference”. We Also would like to remind the community to use the tools provided (apps, smart phones, internet, social media)  this  can help document, report and address these issues in our neighborhood. Reach out to one another, Connect with your local leaders, representatives and so on. Tell them you want positive change. 



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