Adult Education

Time & Location

HSE Classes 1-317-988-7975

HSE Prep Class

We provide free classes for adults who have not earned a high school diploma. 

  • Classes are recommended, but they are not mandatory.

What are the subject areas?
· Language Arts: Writing
· Social Studies
· Science
· Language Arts: Reading
· Mathematics

Who can take the HSE?

  • Anyone living in Indiana for a minimum of 30 days before taking the test.
  • Those who have not already earned a diploma from an accredited high school in the United States.
  • Students who are at least 16 years of age.


The Indiana HSE is a new high school equivalency exam replacing the GED

The Indiana HSE (High School Equivalency) is an alternative for earning a high school diploma. Your HSE Diploma can be earned after completing a test based on five subject areas (math, reading, writing, science and social studies). The skills you are taught and eventually tested on are at the same level as those of graduating high school seniors.

How to Sign up

Call 317-988-7975

  • In-person at a  testing office. Bring ONE government-issued photo ID.
  • Call 317-988-7975

Adult education classes allow students to meet their personal and professional goals and civic potential.

  • Get a job or a better job?
  • Help your child succeed in school?
  • Prepare for higher education or a skilled trade?
  • Learn English?

More Information

Adult Education plays an important role in life by improving your knowledge and preparing you to get a better job. Workers who have a high school diploma earn  $8,000 more per year than those who do not.

Community Caring and Sharing is excited to announce that our classes have a 95% student completion rate, all whom had showed improvement in their needed skills. Classes are monitored for their success with pre-testing, post-testing, and attendance recordings for each individual.

Community Caring and Sharing Center is Partnered with MSD of Wayne Township Adult Education. We provide the classroom. Wayne Township provides the teachers

We are not a testing facility and do not administer the test. This is a course that prepares you to take the test or exam with help and guidance from teachers that have been provided by MSD of Wayne Township. Community Caring and Sharing does not charge a fee for the course, the Prep Course itself is free of charge.

Note: there may be a FEE to take the exam at the official testing facility